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I was born and raised at the rural socialistic community of Kibbutz Gan Shmuel. I was a musical daydreaming girl and started playing the Cello at the age of 10.

I left the Kibbutz at the age of 20 and never returned. But it influences my life and my work endlessly.

A real man

{From the short story 'Haim Margalit'}

A real man doesn't have after shave's smell and dresses fashionably. A real man wears white cotton shirt and black cotton pants and dances barefoot on the central grass during the Bikurim fest, together with his group of age.

If he has humor, he wears flowers in his hair. Although he is young, he already has small children that he shows around proudly. He has a smell of cigarettes and laundry soap - a good smell!

And he is fresh. He is part of a group, a community, a kibbutz and do not think all the time only about himself.

That's the real man and he is dancing folk dances on the grass together with his children and his friends. If he will be lost, there will never be a man like this again!