Secret of unification

Secret Of Unification. A dance performance, Inspired by a section of Mishnat Hazohar by Isaiah Tishby . The background to the work is the commentary of the Zohar to the “Sh’ma Yisrael” (“Hear O Israel”) prayer.

Choreography, idea and direction: Smadar Emor ;
Musical composition and direction: Rali Margalit.
This prayer sums up the faith of the Jewish people, and it is the climax of the entire prayer service. The prayer expresses unification, between the Divine Presence and the Holy One Blessed Be He, and between the Congregation of Israel and God. The holy act of mating, according to the Zohar, is a joining of the Sephirot Tiferet and Malchut, and an expression of a process that occurs within the Godhead itself, namely, a joining of organs to form one body, a unification of the masculine and feminine forces, the culmination of which is in the act of mating itself.
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