Composing Israeli Poetess

An on-going project of composing lyrics of Israeli women poets: Zelda, Lea Goldberg, Dalia Rabikovich,  Rivka Miriam and more…


1.  Three Windows, Leah Goldberg

The tall tower has three windows,

and a picture is reflected in each window:

One shows the Valley,

the other shows the Gilboa Mountains,

and the third one shows a small garden.

And every morning, when I wake up from my sleep,

I don’t know from which window I should peek…

(From “A Little Shack” 1959)

Vocals: Lianne Aharon, Recorders: Michael Meltzer, Classic & Acoustic Guitar and Bass: Yhuda Ashsash, Chel-hu : Rali Margalit.

CD – Soosim, 2010.


2.  A Little Woman ,  Dahlia Rabikovich

A little woman took the round Earth,

the big round Earth,

and made it into her crib.

And the Earth did know indeed

that a little woman

was lying on its back…

{From The Complete Poems So Far  1995}

Accompany song:  Yar Gaure, my friend, the lady- a Kurdish folksong.

Vocals: Ilana Eliya, Dijiridoo: Aharon Hai, Celli:  Rali Margalit .


CD – Soosim 2010 and Poetry Ilana Eliya 2011.


3.  The Sun Lit a Moist Branch, Zelda

The sun lit a moist branch,

And leaves of gold,

The pupils hunted

Gold leaves that fared night and day

In the blood of my heart

And when they reached the soul,

Its loneliness

Turned into far signals of light,

Heavenly clues, ancient miracles.

{From The invisible Carmel  1971}.


Vocals:  Ilana Eliya, Flute: Ruth Eyal Itzkovich, Celli: Rali Margalit.

CD – Poetry Ilana Eliya 2011. Arrangement & Celli : Rali Margalit, Flute: Rut Eyal Itzkowich,


4. Nogea Bemah She’einenu – (Touching the Absence)

A journey to the lyrics of Rivka Miriam, by Rali Margalit and Baruch Brenner.



In the beginning God created
the heavens that really are not
and the earth that wants to touch them.
In the beginning God created
threads stretched between them
between the heavens that really are not
and the earth crying out.
And the man he created
the man who is a prayer and a thread
touches that which is not
with a touch of softness and light.



I bumped into the cat that came from beyond all this.
It was so dead it crossed its death and was alive again.
Here, it howls. What does it wish to say that I haven’t heard.