In the beginning God created the heavens that really are not and the earth that wants to touch them. In the beginning God created threads stretched between them between the heavens that really are not and the earth crying out. And the man he created the man who is a prayer and a thread touches that which is not with a touch of softness and light.

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...“Tuesday’s Nogea Bemah She’enenu (Touching the non-Existent) concert at Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem was something of a magical mystery tour. The show was based on works by Jerusalemite poetess Rivka Miriam, chosen by cellistcomposer- arranger Rali Margalit and director-actor-rabbi-vocalist Baruch Brenner. The two were ably supported by flutist-clarinetist Yaakov Miron, bassist Ora Boasson- Horev and percussionist Yoni Sharon.
Brenner set the scene by explaining that the works would be performed in two parts – the first half comprising seven poems from Miriam’s book Baal Haness VeOd Ovrei Orach (Baal Haness and Other Passers By) and the second a selection of animalthemed poems, albeit with a striking alternative subtext, from the Ayalah (Doe) collection.”

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Nogea Bemah She’enenu

(Touching the Absence) A journey to the lyrics of Rivka Miriam, by Rali Margalit and Baruch Brenner.

Rivka Miryam is considered by many as one of the most prominent, original and exciting voices in contemporary Hebrew poetry.
Her poems are elaborate constructs blending eras, characters, places and worlds. The poems often touch on the conscious, on elements familiar to us, but they never do so in a conscious and familiar way. Rivka Miryam’s touch overturns the meanings and the orders, thus creating completely different worlds, leaving us perplexed and excited.
In Nogea Bemah She’einenu (Touching the Absence), the actor ad signer Baruch Brenner and the cellist and composer Rali Margalit create and expansion of those worlds created of words into the realm of sound, sight and experience. read more

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