In performing the composed texts or reciting the poems to the sound of music, the characters inhabiting are animated and are made almost palpable, gaining additional explicit as well as hidden dimensions thanks to the power of music and drama.

In addition to solo performer Baruch Brenner and the composer Rali Margalit playing the Cell-Hu (a unique ethnic cello), the participants include bass player Ora Horev-Boazsson, wind-instrument player Yaakov Meiron and percussionist Yoni Sharon.

Poems and Texts: Rivka Miriam.

Composer and Musical Director: Rali Mragalit.

Artistic Director: Baruch Brenner.

Baruch Brenner: Lead singer and texts.

Jacob Miron: Flute and Clarinet.

Rali Margalit: Chel-hu.

Ora Horev Boazson: Contrabass.

Yoni Sharon: Percussions.

Photgraphs: Yishai Cohen

The performance was made possible thanks to the help of Bet Avi-Chai and a grant for the promotion of artistic creation awarded by AKUM (The Israel Association of Composers).

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