About the music:
In the music I composed for Ov I tried to balance the very edgy, sexual and contemporary interpretation of the Dibuk story by Renana Raz and Ofer Amram, by giving presence through music to the eastern European Jewish town in which the story took place. Both the cell-hu and the contrabass echo the fiddle violin, the instrument of the Jewish soul, but in low octaves, so we are reminded that this love story is a demonic one, from the under- world… Rali Margalit

The piece was commissioned by Habima National Theatre for the Israel Festival 2008.
Performers: Ofer Amram, Renana Raz, Rali Margalit (Cello), Ehud Gerlich(Contrabass)
Original Score and Musical Direction: Rali Margalit
Additional Participants: Rachel Viznitzer, Nina Bleibtreu
Animation: Or Moran
Additional Score: “Oy Division”
Lighting: Judy Kupferman
Costumes: Noa Vidman
Set Manufacture: Didi Alon
Mask Manufacture: Ofir Zweibel
DVD Filming and Editing: Yonathan Zur
Excerpt from “The Dybbuk” by S. Ansky, courtesy of Habima National Theatre.

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