We were always

January 10, 2012

We were always very open-minded

We were always very open-minded!

Very, very, open-minded.

About every single thing.

Very open-minded.

We got it at home, from our parents.

They too were always very open-minded. Always.

Even at the worst of times. Open-minded.

It’s a matter of education!


A word that in recent years has really… gone down the drain!

But our parents,

well, they always remained open-minded.

Even when the primitiveness around was simply… unbearable!

Loyal to the education they got at home.

From our grandparents.

Who were also always very, very open-minded.

And it was not simple for them, not at all!

To take all that open-mindedness and come to theMiddle East.

To the primitiveness.

To the superstitions.

To the bigotry.

To all this… wahsh wahsh .

But come they did!

Yes, they did come!

And they arrived!

And they stayed.

And they remained open-minded. Sometimes really…

gritting their teeth!

Well, after some time… they no longer had anywhere to go back to…