Four winds of the world

Collaboration with Israeli-Britain Contra-bass player and composer Daphna Sadeh with Michel Melzer, Flutes and Lev Elman, Percussion. (2011)


The fascinating performance that was chosen to open 2011 at the Confederation Theatre House in Jerusalem, features collaboration between the Double Bassist Daphna Sadeh and the Cellist Rali Margalit. In the last few years both of them achieved international success with their own musical careers as composers.  The concert will include their recent compositions of World music combined with Jazz and Renaissance music and will be performed together with the renowned Recorder player- Michael Melzer and the Percussion player Lev Elman.

Their work together started in the 90’s when they performed in various festivals in Israel and Europe. Sadeh is currently based in the UK, where she formed the well established group – Daphna Sadeh & the Voyagers. At the same time Margalit established her group Castles in the Sand in Israel.

Their recent discography includes SUSIM by Rali Margalit (released on Magda label) and RECONCILIATION by Daphna Sadeh (on the John Zorn’s Tzadik label in New York).

Rali Margalit – Compositions and Cello-hu

Daphna Sadeh – Compositions and Double Bass

Michael Melzer- Recorders and Flutes

Lev Elman – Percussion    ,